Avant Deux du Haut Anjou

Avant Deux du Haut Anjou

Welcome on the Avant Deux's website, we are a group of traditional music and dances who perform these musics and dances from Segré and the area called Anjou in France and around the world since 1979.

Bienvenidos en el sitio web del Avant Deux, somos un grupo de música y bailes del Anjou y presentamos nuestro arte en Francia y al internacional desde 1979.

A young and dynamic group 

Un grupo joven y dinámico

Show - Festival Summerfest in Hungary

Dances and musics from Anjou

Bailes y músicas del Anjou

Join us!

Lisa 22 y/o (Dancer - bailarina)

"I am lucky to be able to discover the world and speak english with foreign groups !"

Oriane 24 y/o (Dancer - bailarina)

"The Avant-Deux, for me, is exchanging and sharing our culture with other countries."

Damien (Dancer)

"For me the Avant-Deux is a very dynamic group that allows me to stay fit but also travel around the world !"

Jean 25 y/o (Dancer)

"The Avant Deuxis the possibility to promote tha Anjou and France in the entire world while enjoying the dance. And all that in a cheerful and warm atmosphere !"